WAM 2024 International Hybrid Conference and Exhibition aims to bring scientists, engineers and students working and using advanced welding and metal additive manufacturing (MAM) technology fields in their research projects and industrial applications. International experts in these fields will present recent developments and discuss present and future challenges and innovative solutions to increase effectiveness of the welding and metal AM and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) Technologies. During two days conference, international invited speakers will give presentations on the recent advances in welding and AM (powder and wire based) technologies and their use in major industrial applications. Furthermore, IIW & EWF education-training-certification issues will be discussed and shortage of welders and welding engineers, inspectors, AM operators and coordinators will be adressed.

WAM 2024 International Conference will provide opportunity to industries, universities and research institutions exhibit their recent products and developments in welding and MAM Technologies. Use of robotic and automation in both welding and WAAM Technologies will exhibited for various materials, parts and applications. Research students will have an opportunity to present their projects and discuss their results with experts.


Who Should Participate


Scientists, welding engineers, designers, robotic engineers, software developers, inspectors, QC engineers, trainers, students who are working and interested to work in the fields of welding and powder and wire based MAM technologies.


How to Participate


WAM 2024 will be organised in Hybrid form to provide platform to face-to-face meetings as well as on-line presentations and attendence.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kesik

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Koçak

Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Uğraş

Assoc. Prof. Uğur Gürol

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Savaş Dilibal

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Polat Topuz

Dr. Ozan Çoban

Dr. Emin Ahmet Yeşil

Ms. Sedef Çakır Ayçiçek, MSc.

Ms. Ceren Çelik, PhD.

Ms. Gülperen Kordel

Mr. Aziz Tuğrul Buran

Mr. Serhat Yakar

Mr. Ömür Danışkan


Dr. Doruk Gürkan

Mr. Furkan Yıldırım

Mr. Emre Tuğberk Gülnergiz


WAM 2024 International Conference will cover following topics:

  • Advanced Arc Welding Technologies including Twin-arc and Tandem processes
  • Laser Beam and Hybrid Welding Technologies & Applications
  • Flux cored wire and seamless flux cored wire technologies and their use
  • Aluminium alloys welding, testing and analysis of their welds
  • High strength and armoured steel welds, their properties (incl. ballistic properties)
  • Underwater and wet welding technologies and their consumables
  • Design and Simulation aspects of the Metal Additive Manufacturing (MAM) materials
  • Testing of MAM materials, distortion prevention and residual stresses of MAM parts
  • Fatigue and fracture toughness aspects of MAM and bi-metallic WAAM parts
  • Programming and software developments in robotic MAM & WAAM applications
  • Testing, NDT methods and defect assessment of MAM & WAAM parts
  • Developments on Education-Training-Certification of welding and MAM & WAAM personnel

Conference Proceedings and Publications

  • Presented papers will be published (digital and printed) in a WAM 2024 Proceedings.
  • Manuscripts of max. Ten A4 pages will be requested.

Paper Submission and Contact


Abstract Submission : 1 July 2024

Submission of Manuscripts : 1 September 2024

Contact : [email protected]



Limited spaces will be provided to the exhibitors to present their technologies, demo-parts and results with respective posters or video presentations.